Findex's Latest Addition: Getting to Know Sebastian, Our Tech-Savvy Trailblazer

August 14, 2023
5 Min

Who is Sebastian?

Sebastian is a problem solver through and through. Whether it's on the clock or off, he's always tackling new challenges. Right now, his fascination lies in the math behind physics simulations—integrals, derivatives, and more. He's even coding his own physics simulator, a side project he's pouring his energy into when he's not working on Findex. Sebastian also has a keen interest in optimization, constantly seeking out more efficient solutions to problems around him, The guy's got a thing for making things run smoother!

What Seb brings to the table

When it comes to work, Sebastian is just as eager to learn and grow. Working with ambitious and skilled individuals from whom he can learn new things from is always exciting. At Findex, he's already recognized that our team truly has a growth mindset. However, he brings his own wealth of experience to the table, having previously worked within many different industries and technologies. His technical background ranges from roles where he did things such as full stack development, DevOps, server management, architectural design, performance optimization, AI, GPU programming, compilers, and more.

What he decided to join Findex

So, why did Sebastian choose to join Findex, and how will he contribute to our journey? In Sebastian's own words,

“There were multiple reasons behind my decision. Firstly, the fintech space is something I find very interesting and have worked in before, such as e.g., which has given me relevant experience and perspective. Secondly and most importantly, I believe in the product's potential—I can envision its utility firsthand. Based on my past experiences, it’s much more fulfilling to work on a product and towards a vision I genuinely believe in, which I feel strongly about here. Additionally, I really like the team, their passion and high ambitions.”

Sebastian's years of expertise in system development, programming, and various other skills are exactly what he hopes to bring to the table. Above all, he's confident that his knowledge will contribute to the creation of an outstanding product, and he has no doubts that our collaborative efforts will lead us to success!

Let's extend a warm welcome to Sebastian as we embark on this exciting journey together!

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What is findex?

Findex is a digital portfolio management platform that enables you to get a complete overview of all your assets regardless of asset class.

It works by leveraging open banking to automatically track all your listed equities in addition to getting the correct information on startups and alternative assets such as real estate, crypto, collectibles etc.

How does findex make money?

The commercial idea for findex is to enable investors and other parties to connect. In other words, we make money by enabling different opportunities for our users and their capital. We do not sell your data.

How do I get started with findex?

Start by signing up for early access and if you are selected, you will receive an email with instructions for logging in to your account.

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Is my data secure with findex?

Your data is always secure with findex, we utilize secure third-party providers such as Auth0 and AWS. All your data is encrypted. You can read more on our security page.

Why should I use findex?

Use findex to seamlessly track and manage your financial assets in one centralized overview to stay organized, save time and focus on taking data-driven decisions by tracking total ROI.

If you are tired of administering all your documents (shareholder’s agreements, captables, and more) and always updating your portfolio spreadsheets, then findex is the tool for you. In addition to this you will gain access to quality deal flow.

What is Investor Relations?

Staying up to date with investments in unlisted companies is usually a recurring pain point for investors. Findex aims to make this process of tracking and managing this asset class just as seamless as tracking the rest of your diversified portfolio.

The goal is to help you focus on what is most important - which is to take data driven decisions and grow your portfolio rather than wasting valuable time on administration.

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