about FINDEX

The seamless & accessible portfolio management platform.

We got tired of of having a fragmented and disorganised investment portfolio so we decided to do something about it.
The vision

Creating an accessible private banking experience for everyone.

It all started 2022 in Gothenburg, Sweden: After researching and gathering insights, our founders mapped out a vision for a platform that would serve as an asset management platform for all asset classes. Essentially, a platform built for every type of investor, to manage their assets regardless of where they are in their financial journey.

Democratizing private banking: We want to democratize access to the private banking experience for everyone while also encouraging and spreading knowledge about a diversified investment portfolio. Asset management has traditionally been a reserved opportunity within banking for high net-worth individuals.

The findex ecosystem: By leveraging the foundational value we create for investors, we plan to build several modules on top to expand the use cases for findex and find new synergies towards the market, thus creating value on other ends as well. The vision is to create an investment ecosystem that serves as a portal for spreading financial knowledge and connecting investors with other parties to create new opportunities.

The findex ecosystem

The findex platform leverages open banking and partnerships to create a complete overview of your investment portfolio. The ecosystem consists of the base module (My Findex), which tracks all your assets and opens up for investment opportunities, and additional modules such as Investor Relations and Matchmaking, with more coming down the line. Everything works together seamlessly and synergistically to create a modern private banking experience that also provides a quality deal flow.

The findex ecosystem with different modules.

The people behind Findex

We are committed to making Findex a great platform for our users and a great workplace for the team.

Want to jump onboard?

We are always on the lookout for talented people to join the team and help build the future of private banking. Feel free to contact us if you think it would be a good fit.


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we hold ourselves to the highest standards ...


we put our users first in everything we do ...

Growth mindset

constant improvement and learning from mistakes ...


team work makes the dream work ...


trust in our team members to do their best work ...

Got questions about findex?

If any questions are left unanswered by our FAQ, you can contact us and let us know what we can help you with.

What is findex?

Findex is a digital portfolio management platform that enables you to get a complete overview of all your assets regardless of asset class.

It works by leveraging open banking to automatically track all your listed equities in addition to getting the correct information on startups and alternative assets such as real estate, crypto, collectibles etc.

How does findex make money?

The commercial idea for findex is to enable investors and other parties to connect. In other words, we make money by enabling different opportunities for our users and their capital. We do not sell your data.

How do I get started with findex?

Start by signing up for early access and if you are selected, you will receive an email with instructions for logging in to your account.

Once we have our official release, everyone will be able to sign up organically and get started seamlessly!

Is my data secure with findex?

Your data is always secure with findex, we utilize secure third-party providers such as Auth0 and AWS. All your data is encrypted. You can read more on our security page.

Why should I use findex?

Use findex to seamlessly track and manage your financial assets in one centralized overview to stay organized, save time and focus on taking data-driven decisions by tracking total ROI.

If you are tired of administering all your documents (shareholder’s agreements, captables, and more) and always updating your portfolio spreadsheets, then findex is the tool for you. In addition to this you will gain access to quality deal flow.

What is Investor Relations?

Staying up to date with investments in unlisted companies is usually a recurring pain point for investors. Findex aims to make this process of tracking and managing this asset class just as seamless as tracking the rest of your diversified portfolio.

The goal is to help you focus on what is most important - which is to take data driven decisions and grow your portfolio rather than wasting valuable time on administration.

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