Meet Filip! Adding a dynamic force to our team of innovators

November 14, 2023
8 min

Who is Filip?

Meet Filip, a dynamic addition to our team at Findex. Filip thrives as a social individual, whether that is at the office or after hours. When he's away from the keyboard and not solving difficult technical problems; he's actively engaged in a variety of activities, often blending socializing with sports. His passions include playing Padel, hitting the slopes and cheering for Blåvitt (which according to him is the best football club in the world). And of course, a post-activity drink is always a welcome addition, escpecially a cold Pripps Blå! We tell you, Filip is the guy you want on your product team just as much as you want him on your after works!

Filip is extremely driven and takes a deep sense of pride in his work. He's drawn to work on projects he's genuinely passionate about, aiming to help develop products that align with his own high standards. This intrinsic motivation makes him inherently inquisitive, with a commitment to delivering products that resonate not only with others but also with himself.

What Filip brings to the table

In the professional arena, Filip is a unique mix of developer and strategist. Drawing from his experience as e.g. CTO at Flourish Feedback - a HR-Tech startup, he boasts a comprehensive skill set that spans everything from JavaScript and server architecture to lean methodologies and team leadership.

Filip excels in full-stack development, demonstrating a keen eye for both front-end and back-end technologies. Proficient in balancing feature development with managing technical debt, he will ensure our products remain at the forefront of innovation while remaining sustainable in the long run.

At Findex, Filip aims to bridge the gap between technical possibilities and user-friendly solutions, contributing to a product that's as robust under the hood as it is intuitive to use.

Why Filip chose to join Findex

Filip's decision to join Findex is grounded in a genuine passion for the company's vision and product. Findex aligns with Filip's love for startups and the exciting prospect of building something significant from its early stages that will have a real impact on people's lives.

He intends to contribute with his previous startup experiences to rapidly and efficiently develop an outstanding product that people love to use. Filip eagerly anticipates honing his programming skills further to play a more hands-on role in shaping Findex's technological landscape, which is why he is transitioning from his previous CTO role into a senior developer role at this stage for Findex.

In Filip's own words,

“I love the team! They are smart, hardworking, ambitious and basically just fantastic! The team consists of people I look forward to working with and learning from. Also, I just love startups! Being involved from the early stages and building something that grows into something impactful on a larger scale is truly exciting. I love the product and the vision. Developing a platform to democratize the private banking experience for everyone—how cool is it that we are creating something that will disrupt and make a difference for real!"

Filip's wealth of experience and passion for creating exceptional products align seamlessly with Findex's vision. As we extend a warm welcome to Filip, we embark on an exciting journey together towards excellence.

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What is findex?

Findex is a digital portfolio management platform that enables you to get a complete overview of all your assets regardless of asset class.

It works by leveraging open banking to automatically track all your listed equities in addition to getting the correct information on startups and alternative assets such as real estate, crypto, collectibles etc.

How does findex make money?

The commercial idea for findex is to enable investors and other parties to connect. In other words, we make money by enabling different opportunities for our users and their capital. We do not sell your data.

How do I get started with findex?

Start by signing up for early access and if you are selected, you will receive an email with instructions for logging in to your account.

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Is my data secure with findex?

Your data is always secure with findex, we utilize secure third-party providers such as Auth0 and AWS. All your data is encrypted. You can read more on our security page.

Why should I use findex?

Use findex to seamlessly track and manage your financial assets in one centralized overview to stay organized, save time and focus on taking data-driven decisions by tracking total ROI.

If you are tired of administering all your documents (shareholder’s agreements, captables, and more) and always updating your portfolio spreadsheets, then findex is the tool for you. In addition to this you will gain access to quality deal flow.

What is Investor Relations?

Staying up to date with investments in unlisted companies is usually a recurring pain point for investors. Findex aims to make this process of tracking and managing this asset class just as seamless as tracking the rest of your diversified portfolio.

The goal is to help you focus on what is most important - which is to take data driven decisions and grow your portfolio rather than wasting valuable time on administration.

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