Findex at Connectdagen: A night of convergence

October 30, 2023
7 Min

The event

Connectdagen 2023 in Gothenburg emerged as a impactful experience for Findex, it was a vibrant atmosphere of connections and innovation. Hosted by Connect Sverige Väst, this event was a convergence of companies, investors, and innovators, presenting a unique opportunity for Findex to expand its network and gain insights from the diverse pool of participants.

Networking & Forging bonds

The heart of Connectdagen lay in its ability to foster meaningful connections. Findex seized the opportunity to engage with a diverse group of companies and investors, creating a melting pot for the exchange of experiences and insights. Connect has become a catalyst for forging collaborations that have the potential to reshape the future of Sweden's startup landscape.

Representatives from various sectors and investors gathered in Gothenburg, creating an environment for collaboration and learning. The sense of community at Connectdagen reflected the unity that defines the entrepreneurial spirit of Sweden.


Findex extends sincere gratitude to Connect Sverige Väst for orchestrating an event that brought together companies and investors. Connectdagen showcased a commitment to bridging gaps and fostering collaboration within Sweden's dynamic business landscape. As we reflect on this networking journey, Findex is filled with optimism for the future of the Swedish startup ecosystem and looks forward to continued collaboration within the incredible community that events like Connectdagen have brought together.

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